Going to Costa Rica? 9 Tips to Help

Costa Rica is not showing any signs of slowing as a popular destination for Americans. And for good reason. The place is flat-out fun, with beautiful rainforests, rampant wildlife and

Sarah on the Original Canopy Tour
Sarah on the Original Canopy Tour

genuinely wonderful people (even those who don’t work in the tourism industry). It’s been a few years since my visit, but I still have some tips that’ll help.

Costa Rica Tip 1: Don’t Drive

If you’re from the United States, the driving situation is a lot like the opening 10 minutes of Revenge of the Sith (but with better acting and dialogue). Oddly enough, while their driving would spark road rage incidents in America, Costa Rican drivers honk and wave at the people who cut them off or pass them on the right at high speed with three inches of clearance.

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Want to Meet Women? Lace Up Your Running Shoes

A friend on Twitter linked to this Marie Claire article about where women can meet men. And I just cannot let this opportunity go by, even though it’s going to throw a monkey wrench into my editorial schedule.

Obviously, if Marie Claire is telling you about these places to meet women, you’d do well to heed their advice. But they left something out: the footrace.

You might not expect this, but from the middle of the pack back, a 10K race or half-marathon is ripe with opportunity for both genders. See, 5ks are no good. They’re over before you know it. A 10K or half-marathon lets you settle into a groove. You can troop along at a comfortable pace where you can actually talk as you run along.

Guys might expect that women are feeling to sweaty and gross to talk. But I haven’t experienced that – in fact, they seem more aggressive than men. I never ran a single foot race before getting into a long-term relationship with a marathoner who eventually turned triathlete. That means she takes me to the cleaners during most races, and I’m left on my own. Every single time I’ve run a 10K or half-marathon, I’ve gotten chatted up by a lone female runner.

I’d guess this is because mid-pack runners in these distances are feeling good about themselves, and they’re not overly concerned with snagging a winner’s medal. Their confidence is up, they feel less vulnerable because the guys aren’t trying to ply them with alcohol like they would at a bar. It makes all us guys seem less creepy (and man, most of us could use the help). It’s a very positive environment for everyone.

What? You don’t run? Well, start. What can you possibly lose from giving this a try? A few pounds?

Take a Ride McDowell Mountain Park’s Trails

A partial Google Earth View of an awesome ride at McDowell Mountain Park.
A Google Earth View of an awesome ride at McDowell Mountain Park.

I know I’ve mentioned the McDowell Mountain Regional Park before here on WanderingJustin.com. And let me tell you, my love for this park continues unabated. In fact, it’s stronger than ever thanks to some new signage springing up on the Pemberton Trail, aka Trail B.

Here’s the thing: The county officials thought most riders would abandon the Trail B once the Race Loops opened some years back. But though they’re far less technical, Trail B and its offshoots are big fun, and a perfect stomping ground for 29ers and singlespeed bikes. It’s seriously like Formula 1 racing, man! The Coachwhip Trail (see video) is primo stuff! Let’s not forget the elevation change adds to some super-sweet vistas looking east from the Valley.

Enough of my blather: Check out the video!