Where to Find Nitro Cold Brew

Where to Find Nitro Cold Brew
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  1. Cartel Coffee Lab
    Restaurant in Tempe Arizona

    225 W University Dr
    Tempe Arizona
    (480) 225-3899
  2. Songbird Coffee & Tea House
    Restaurant in Phoenix Arizona

    812 North Third Street
    Phoenix Arizona
    (602) 374-4192
  3. Whole Foods Market
    Attraction in Maricopa County Arizona

    5120 S Rural Rd
    Maricopa County Arizona
    (480) 456-1400
  4. FiftyoneWest
    Restaurant in Maricopa County Arizona

    51 W Southern Ave
    Maricopa County Arizona
    (480) 306-6129
  5. The Madison Improvement Club
    Restaurant in Maricopa County Arizona

    3802 E Indian School Rd
    Maricopa County Arizona
    (602) 296-7118

Right now, Starbucks is pretty pleased with itself over the nitro cold brew it’s pouring at select locations around the country.

Just don’t ask where those select locations are (hint: nowhere near you). I asked via their Twitter account and received possibly the most unhelpful tweet ever – in essence, call around and ask all 50 of your local Starbucks.

Now, if you know me, I don’t ordinarily go near a Starbucks. But I’m desperate for nitro cold brew. Since having my first taste of it in Portland, it’s been my holy-grail-white-whale of coffee beverages. With the creamy texture of a nitro-charged craft beer and the taste of super-smooth iced coffee, it’s hard to beat.

But it’s not easy in Phoenix to find nitro cold brew. No sooner did Hazelrock launch theirs after months of delay did they go out of business. And not even Cartel Coffee Lab seems to be able to keep its nitro tap running. Where does that leave you in the Phoenix area if you yearn for a nitro cold brew? Here’s what I’ve found so far. Chime in with your own leads!

Songbird Coffee & Tea House – This downtown Phoenix site pours nitro cold brew into a very nice glass similar to what you’d use for an imperial stout. The cold brew itself was a good example of the nitros I’ve sampled. It wasn’t the best, but it was far from the worst.

Whole Foods Market – This one surprised me. I didn’t expect at all to roll into a Whole Foods to find a perfectly decent cold brew. This one loses points for the plastic cup. I get it, I understand: Still, presentation is a huge part of the cold brew experience.

FiftyoneWest – This is an oddball coffeehouse that hasn’t decided whether to be a coffeehouse or a music venue … and it’s honestly hard to do both, as I can tell you from being a musician and a coffee drinker. Anyway, the barista here screwed this nitro cold brew royally by putting ice in it. I can’t give a fair evaluation of the taste. If you go there, say “no ice, ffs.”

That’s all I have right now. Everywhere else I’ve had nitro cold brew is either out of business or having technical difficulties. The Madison Improvement Club might have it, but that’s unconfirmed.


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