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Guest Posts/Third-Party Content
I do not publish unsolicited third-party content (I’m thinking about all those emails that include phrases like “We love your blog” or “our expert team of writers). But if you are A) a fellow blogger and want to team up to share audiences or B) a relevant business (no golf, casinos, luxury, etc.) interested in sponsoring content, I’d love to hear from you. If you want me to post your generic, keyword-stuffed listicles, find a different blog.

Sponsored posts are my most-popular advertising option. I can create something just for you based on your desired topic, keywords and URLs (up to two per post). I also offer display ads. Prices vary by size and duration.

Feel free to pitch a story about your client. But please, only pitch me ideas that fit my niche or at least my sense of humor. That seriously means absolutely – and this is not a complete list – no golf, no luxury, no casinos, OK?

Infographics and Surveys
I couldn’t possibly find a way to be less-interested in infographics or survey results. Pitches for either will result in radioactive levels of scorn and derision.

Product Reviews
I love outdoor products of all sorts – and airlines and tour companies. If possible, I’ll be happy to check out what you offer and give readers my honest opinion. Just so we’re clear: Free stuff doesn’t equal a favorable opinion. My credibility depends on telling the truth.

Link Exchanges
It’s not 2002. Don’t ask me for a link exchange.

E-mail for more information.



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