My Best Zorbing Tips for Beginners

Sarah shakes off her Zorbing legs.
Sarah shakes off her Zorbing legs.

I’m kind of surprised by something: People are finding while searching for Zorbing tips for beginners. I’m not surprised because people are looking here for Zorbing info, but about tips for beginners.

Alright, people … Zorbing is not exactly a skill. It’s not like skiing. There are no double black-diamond Zorbing hills (though that would be awesome). You don’t need a finely tuned sense of balance, powerful quads and awesome spatial awareness. Really, if you can fit in the hole, you can Zorb just as well your first time as any veteran can.

But you seem to want tips, so I’m gonna give ’em to ya:

1. Book a flight to New Zealand. This is where Zorbing was born, and thus is the ultimate place to Zorb. When you book, I recommend Air New Zealand since Qantas, unfortunately, seems to be experiencing a spiral into management wankery (the cabin staff and crews are still great, though). I’m hoping V Australia decides to start flying to New Zealand from the States, too.

2. Get a taxi from the airport to your hotel. Parnell is a nice neighborhood with good nightlife, decent hotels and a nice vibe. It’s also not far from bus and rail stations.

3. After spending a night in Auckland, take a bus to Rotorua. That’ll give you a chance to savor the countryside. Another option is to rent a Wicked Camper, if that’s more your bag. This also allows you to skip Step 4 and go directly to 5 .. along with flying your Freak Flag a bit!

4. When you get to Rotorua, rent a car.

5. Drive said car to The Agrodome. Sign yourself up for the Zydro, and make sure you have a friend -or mate, rather … when in Kiwiland, say as they Kiwis say, I guess- videotaping your roll down the hill.

6. Exit. Laugh. Repeat.

Congratulations. You are now an Olympic-caliber Zorbonaut.

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3 comments on “My Best Zorbing Tips for Beginners”

  1. Yo Wandering Justin

    Nice tips for zorbing … I’m the inventor of zorbing and I’d say your tips are pretty much spot on.

    I have a new company now OGO Inc and just wanted to note that if people want to go zorbing in the USA (rather than flying 12+ hours to NZ) they can go zorbing with OGO in Massachusetts and POennsylvania (plus we are working on a few more locations around the States).

    Check us out at



  2. Thanks for dropping by, Andrew. You’ve invented one incredibly fun activity – good on ya! I sense a future blog post coming. I hope you come to Arizona – the Zydro would be huge here!

    I have to say the NZ locations will probably be my favorite since I love a good, long airplane flight. And just try finding someone in the States to make you a flat white! Anyway, best of luck to ya!

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