The Pig & Pickle: Five Things to Know

 Pig & Pickle
A fine creaton at the Pig & Pickle

Since the late months of 2012, people have been yapping about a place in south Scottsdale called Pig & Pickle. If you’re already been there, read this post and nod your head in agreement. If you haven’t been there, read this and realize why you’re missing out. And get down there – it’s just one of the best dining options in Scottsdale.

It’s not a barbecue joint.

For some reason, people hear the name and think it’s a cheap-tablecloth-and-pulled-pork sort of place. Nope. You’ll find entrees like mussels, hanger steak and braised duck leg. Sure, Pig & Pickle serves burgers, too. But you won’t feel out-of-place if you wear a shirt with a collar.

Don’t try to get it your way.

The P & P menu says “Requests for substitutions will be politely declined.” Under most circumstances, I consider restaurants that refuse substitutions a case study in doucheology. Notice that I said “most.” The Pig & Pickle crew has a vision – take a chance, even on ingredients you don’t like. They will surprise you (as they did me, when I ordered something that had the dreaded blue cheese in it). Drop a few of your habits and pick up a few new ones.

Pig & Pickle will change the way you eat.

Before we started dining at the Pig & Pickle, my wife and I never considered pickling anything ourselves. Now she cranks out kimchi, and I’ve even pickled berries in a sweet vinegar/cinnamon bath. And she once ordered trout, which the server delivered skin-side-up and blackened. Knowing the way the chefs roll, she figured they wanted her to eat the skin. After one bite, we were sold. Now, when I make trout at home, I blacken the skin and eat it.

Need good food, late?

Phoenix shuts down too early. Quality food is hard to find as the clock ticks past 10 p.m. Pig & Pickle has you covered until 2 a.m. every day.

One of the servers is nicknamed “Science Rocket”.

This tells you what kind of people you’re dealing with. I insist that good nickname is the sign of a good working environment. Better yet, one of the chefs whipped up an improvised astronaut costume for him on Halloween. These are my kind of people.


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