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tasc performance
Kettlebells – a great way to sweat enough to test the tasc Carrollton T.

Bamboo fiber athletic gear is one of my favorite finds of the last year. I ran across the brand then-known as Thriv at my local Sports Authority. I added several bits to my collection before Thriv changed its name to tasc Performance.

I reviewed my original shirts and shorts – tasc performance took notice of my comments, and sent me some of its latest gear (the Blaze LS crew, Carrollton t-shirt and Sideline shorts) for a Wandering Justin review back in February. Here’s what I found:

Blaze LS Crew

This is pretty much a long-sleeve version of the short-sleeve relaxed-fit t-shirt from my earlier review. It’s great for the cool winter months, or as a base layer for skiing or other winter sports – the snow was too pathetic this year for me to test it skiing, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t be up for the job. I had no concerns about the fit or the feel based on my previous bamboo athletic gear experience. You can expect it to be comfortable and to wick sweat.

Carrollton T

This tasc performance t-shirt is perfect for the warmer months. I ran this shirt through the ringer of CrossFit and kettlebell workouts, and it was a perfect workout shirt. I tested the antimicrobial/anti-odors that’s one of the bamboo selling points: four consecutive workouts in the same shirt, no washing. It only started to smell ready for a wash after the fourth workout – and don’t take my word for it -- I used my wife as a smell tester for this review. What a lucky girl! Conclusion: This is a flawless workout t-shirt.

Sideline Short

One of my few complaints about my earlier Thriv/tasc gear centered on the shorts. They didn’t have pockets, and they had that annoying built-in underwear. I loved the feel of the fabric, but I felt like the shorts needed to address these two points. Wouldn’t you know it? The latest tasc performance shorts have pockets and ditched the mesh underwear. Great!

But there’s one little hiccup: The Sideline shorts reach below my knee. I like my shorts to be a touch more out of the way. I imagine some people must like them longer – maybe tasc can mull the idea of a shorter version, more like its Ace Short. Still, the Sidelines are the first shorts I reach for at workout time.

Here’s what you can conclude from my review: tasc performance has kept things the same where they need to, and made strides to near perfection in others. From the non-performance side, you also get athletic gear made with sustainability in mind. To adapt a phrase from George Costanza, I’d drape myself in tasc performance bamboo athletic gear if it was socially acceptable.

tasc Performance could use some Twitter followers. Get over there and find out more!

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