vittoria bike shoes

Vittoria Bike Shoes — 7 Helpful Things to Know

Vittoria Bike Shoes at a Glance

Thinking about picking up some Vittoria bike shoes? Here’s some helpful “too long didn’t read” info for you. If you want to dive deeper, keep reading past the bullets!

  • They look great!
  • The Boa
walking against traffic

It’s Time to Re-Think Walking Against Traffic

Every single time I ride my bike on streets that don’t have sidewalks, I encounter people walking against traffic. This has the effect of pushing me out into traffic that might be overtaking me or coming my way on the …

Review: Speedplay Comp Pedals

Speedplay Comp Pedals at a Glance


  • +The new cleat is easier to walk in, while giving up nothing while pedaling.
  • +Quality customer service from Speedplay.
  • +Lightweight, lots of float.
  • -The new cleat seems a little less durable.
  • -Be careful
ktx train

A Trip on the KTX Train in South Korea

The KTX Train at a Glance

  • Originally based on the French TGV.
  • Want to go 190mph? No problem!
  • Super-smooth ride.
  • Cheaper than Amtrak.

(This post originally appeared on a train website that is no longer on the Internet.)

I rarely …

black shorts cheap bike shorts

The Black Shorts: The Review That Reveals All

Black Shorts At a Glance

  • Decent price of $40.
  • The chamois reminds me of an old pair of Castellis I had 15 years ago.
  • The Black Shorts seem a bit itchy at first, with a more relaxed fit than my
verde valley

48 Hours in the Verde Valley

The Verde Valley isn’t exactly one of the big draws for Arizona. If people get anywhere near it, it’s usually because they’re going to Sedona.

I’ve lived here for a good long time and have actually never spent a night …

grand canalscape bike ride

The Best Canals in Phoenix for Riding a Bike

I’m trying to figure out the best canals in Phoenix for riding a bike. We have enough of them – something like 180 miles worth.

For a short ride, most of them do the trick nicely. But if you’re trying

Throwback: Three of My Favorite Travel Books

I always like reading books about places where I’ve been and places that I’d like to visit, even if they’re not technically “travel books.” When I reviewed books for a small local magazine, I had the opportunity to read quite …

EV versus gas

EV Versus Gas SUV: The Numbers Don’t Lie

EV Versus Gas SUV: By the Numbers

2016 Subaru Forester: Holds 534 kilowatt hours of energy. About 464 miles of range. That’s .868 miles per kWh.

2014 Toyota RAV4 EV: Holds 40 kWh of energy. About 144 miles of range.

fanxipan express

Two Nights on the Fanxipan Express

[I originally wrote this as a guest post for a website that no longer exists. I’m republishing it to preserve one of my more interesting travel experiences.]

Vietnam taught me one important lesson: For every blazing-fast maglev train or smooth-riding …

Prescott Circle Trail

5 Important Types of Bike Accessories for New Cyclists

A Roundup of Bike Accessories

At a Glance

Bike accessories can be just as important as the shiny new bike you’re buying. Here’s a quick breakdown of the categories we’ll cover. Keep scrolling for all the details!

–Stuff to Wear

How to Buy a Full-Suspension Bike – 2021

How to Buy a Full-Suspension Bike at a Glance

  • Try Rental Bikes
  • Get Familiar With Geometry
  • Think About Frame Material
  • Don’t Obsess About Parts
  • Considerations with Buying Direct
  • Pick the Right Bike Shop

One of my co-workers is looking for …