Month: July 2009

Possums and Parks – A Quick Visit to St. Louis

 Back in the old days before I began keeping my blog, I had to visit St. Louis. My sister-in-law was graduating from Washington University (a beautiful campus – the sort that would feature in a Revenge of the Nerds

zorbing tips

My Best Zorbing Tips for Beginners

I’m kind of surprised that people are finding while searching for Zorbing tips for beginners. I’m not surprised because people are looking here for Zorbing info, but about tips for beginners.

Alright, people … Zorbing is not exactly a …

5 Reasons Why You’d Hate Traveling With Me

Often, when I describe my travels to people, they’re pretty jazzed. But then they go a step too far: “Oh, I’ll bet it would be fun to travel with you!”

I suppose for some. But I think most people would …