Month: January 2012

Life Force of Mountain Biking: The Beginner

Mountain biking got you burned out? Are the local trails getting dull? Look to beginners for your salvation in your favorite sport.

New mountain bikers remind the old hands of the way it’s supposed to be: silly fun, learning new

Save Phoenix Views: Now Serving Spam

People in Phoenix, Arizona, now have another busybody political group inundating their email accounts with unwanted spam messages. I received my first message from on Jan. 20.

The group touts its mission to "protect views" and "pristine Phoenix neighborhoods."

On the Mountain Bike Trail – Random Photo

I never expected anyone to snap a photo of me on my mountain bike quite like this. Nobody told me that the white stripe on my (I thought) uber-cool Italian jersey made it look like I’m rolling in a filled-up …

Craft Beer Overview of Seoul, Jeju and Tokyo

Asian beers don’t have a good name among American craft beer fans. From the watery sourness of Kirin lager to the fermented foot-funk of Hotachino Nest, craft beer lovers just don’t find what we want from Asia. But what happens …

Inside South Korean Spa Culture

In some countries, spas are a rare indulgence. In Korean culture, though, they’re essential to the social scene.

And there’s plenty of variety. Some South Korean spas – or jim jil bang – are tranquil and soothing, like Spa Land

Random Travel Photo – Getting Ahead in Life

My fellow traveler, blog mentor and good friend Stacy told me “Japan is the ‘Land of WTF?’.” Korea also has a high WTF factor. But I saw nothing quite this weird there. Unless you count motorcycles riding the wrong way …