Month: February 2015

hemp clothing

Hemp Clothing For Urban and Outdoor Adventures

I love hemp clothing. They’re unbelievably comfortable and seem to resist all my attempts to make them stink while hiking, camping or traveling. Right now, I have a pretty wide variety of hemp clothing that I put through the ringer, …

Hawaiian Airlines 787

Nobody Needs Reviews of Business Class Flights

I read reviews of business class flights for one reason – to shake my head at the complaints the reviewers dredge up. Even as a guy who loves air travel, I’d never miss reviews of business class flight if they …

Four Perfect Hot Drinks for Winter

A very good friend of mine loves eating breakfast nearly as much as his own wife and children. He even wrote a song called "Breakfast" that became a favorite of his band’s fanbase.

Me? I love a good …

whale penis, husavik, iceland

Random Cool Travel Tidbits

Sometimes, I just run into a few cool travel tidbits that I don’t know very much about, but still deserve your attention. Or someone else shared something that says everything that needs to be said. Let me share a few …

IcelandAir review

WOW air Versus Icelandair

A few days ago, I saw a friend get really excited on Facebook about WOW air offering cheap flights to Iceland. Apparently, WOW air had advertised $99 fares to Keflavik, the nearest international airport to Reykjavik.

Immediately, …