Month: October 2015

Cheap things to do in Jeju

Four Cheap Things to Do in Jeju, South Korea

Travel guidebooks sometimes call Jeju “the Hawaii of South Korea.” Though it falls short of Hawaii’s scenery, I really liked it. It has everything from a city of nearly half a million people to outdoor recreation. Also, this list of …


Review: Lufthansa 747-8i

Right now, the Boeing 747-8i is one of the coolest, newest airliners flying. People who are into air travel should put this on their "must fly" list.

This October, I got to fly in a 747-8i to Frankfurt Airport from …

My TSA Encounter at Chicago O’Hare Checkpoint

NOTE: I wrote this post Sunday while sitting in a hotel after a canceled flight.

I’m in Chicago, fresh off a Lufthansa 747 from Frankfurt. I’m happy that I spent two weeks with my wife and little person – …