Year: 2016

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Riding the Tour De Scottsdale

After a more than 10-year hiatus from road-biking tour events, I made my return at the 2016 Tour de Scottsdale. In the meantime, I’ve ticked the box on some 12- and 24-hour mountain bike races. Why the hiatus? Road bike …

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In Search of Good, Budget Mountain Bikes – Part 1

I might be the world’s weirdest mountain biker: I simply don’t care about super-expensive, shade-grown, organic, gluten-free artisan bikes. There are so many great $5,000 bikes that there’s no possible way to decide between them, even if you divide them …

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The Great List of Non-Obvious Travel Tips

Every time I see a list of travel tips, I brace myself to expect the obvious – from the practical "remember your ID" to the goofily gooey "be open to new experiences," I’ve seen every element of a travel tip …

Twelve Hours in New York City

New York City has never been high on my list of travel destinations. But I finally got out of the airport for a look around after years of putting it off and just using it for connecting flights.

The family …

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Win a ZUS and Never Lose Your Car Again

The car’s gone, stolen! We’re stuck!

We’d scoured the parking garage for more than 30 minutes, and there was no sign of our rental car anywhere. This was about to put a serious damper on our vacation plans.

Fortunately, a …


Getting Around in Europe

One of my favorite parts of travel is not driving. We usually go places that are walkable and have good public transit. Since Germany was our first destination for this trip, I hit my dad up for information. We were …

Why a Trip to Ireland is on My List for 2016

As I was cleaning out a closet stuffed with books, I unearthed my old copy of Round Ireland With a Fridge, a true-but-silly travel story about Tony Hawks; Tony lost a bet, and his "reward" was to circumnavigate Ireland …

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Best of Travel 2015

Despite 2015 being my first year as a parent, this has been a good year for travel. We got the Little Person on her first international trip, in addition to numerous runs around the country; she may have even outflown …

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TSA: “Your Pants, Sir, Are a Problem”

I’ve heard some really silly stuff from TSA employees lately, but this one about my The North Face pants really takes the top prize for being ridiculous:

"These might not be the best pants to wear to the airport since …