4 Dirty Lies People Tell Their Bike Mechanic

Adventure Bicycle Company, Fountain Hills, McDowell Meltdown, 2011, MBAA
Miguel from Adventure Bicycle Company in Mesa has heard every fib and sob story from people trying to pull a fast one. Don't even try!

“Bike mechanics know when you’ve been abusing or neglecting your bike — just like the dentist can tell that your choppers haven’t seen floss for years.”

That’s the beginning of “4 Lies People Tell Their Bike Mechanic,” a post I wrote for the Trailsedge.com blog. It’s all about some of the most filthy, vile whoppers people use to turn misfortune or negligence in their favor.

If you are cyclist of any sort or a mechanic, take a look. Nod sagely, and pass it on!


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