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Desert Boneyard 10k

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Running the Desert Boneyard 10k

The Desert Boneyard 10k at Davis Monthan Air Force Base isn’t a race for hardcore runners. The course is slow thanks to its uneven surface and occasional mud patches. And the scenery – which runs through the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group boneyard and thousands of aircraft from C-130s to F-15s – will add minutes your time if you’re…

verde valley

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48 Hours in the Verde Valley

The Verde Valley isn’t exactly one of the big draws for Arizona. If people get anywhere near it, it’s usually because they’re going to Sedona. I’ve lived here for a good long time and have actually never spent a night anywhere in the Verde Valley other than Sedona. That changed recently because my wife ran a 10k race that started…

Lynskey Urbano November Wheels

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Recap: 2018 Tour De Tucson

The 2018 Tour de Tucson started to go pear-shaped for me about 20 minutes before the start. As I walked my bike toward the start, I heard a “whiiiiiiiirrrrrr” sound from the front wheel. Disc brakes problem? I was sure of it, until I notice that the zip tie holding the brake cable to the fork had broken. My wife…

airplane graveyard

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Scenes from a Desert Airplane Graveyard

I know a lot of people get freaked out in a graveyard – but to me, an airplane graveyard is even more unsettling. Few of the residents seem ready for the scrapheap. It’s like carting a 50-ish person off to a deserted lot, him in a hole and shoveling dirt on him. Too young, too much still to give the…

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My Best Travel Advice – 2015 Edition

One thing people often tell me is “I wish I could travel with you!” I’m flattered, honestly. When someone says that, I hear “You know what you’re doing and you know how to have fun.” Great! I’ll take that any day. The fact is, though, I like traveling with as few people as possible. The odds of me opening up…

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Travel Ideas From Members

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of online travel communities. I think they get taken over too easily by businesses that want to promote themselves. So far, seems to be an exception. I’ve had some fun asking and answering questions from other travelers. A few businesses seem to have sneaked in, but it’s the exception rather than the norm. Recently, I…

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The Internet Isn’t the Problem

Some article with the clickbait headline of Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads (And Why You Shouldn’t Either) is making the rounds on Facebook. As you can guess, people are sharing it and crowing about their Internet-free childhood and all the fun they used to have sans computer. Or with slow Internet. The gist is … kids…

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Adventurous Ideas to Go to Iceland

I started this blog for one reason: to give people ideas for finding the right adventure for them. My favorite days as a blogger are not when an advertiser throws some cash my way. It’s when someone writes and says something like “Hey, I got the top of Mt. Ngauruhoe using your tips.” So I was fired up to get…

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Plan a Better Vacation – 4 Easy Tips

An awesome trip is rarely an accident. It’s a combination of preparation, planning and flexibility. You start with a gameplan and leave holes for spontaneity. Let me show you how it’s done, using my recent trip to the Nordic countries as an example

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Asia’s Novelty Act – Me!

I’m curious about South Korea … and it seems South Korea is just as curious about me. From news television crews to young women asking me to pose for photos, I cause a stir everywhere I go. Here are some encounters that will give you an idea of what it was like.

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Backpack Tips for New Travelers

I saw a soon-to-be first-time traveler ask online about backpacks – specifically, which one he should take for a three-week trip. The question opens a massive mental can of live eels. Here’s my advice … feel free to add your thoughts, too.