adidas Boost Running Shoe – Gear Review

adidas Boost running shoes
Taking a little run in my adidas Boost shoes.

The most comfortable footwear I own is a pair of adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoes – or boots, to you Europhiles.

So it surprises me that in 10+ years of running, I’ve never owned a pair of adidas running shoes. I’ve gone by the recommendations of local running store staff members to find the best running shoes for me. They made me run in front of them, gathered info about my style and presented a few choices – mostly of a pretty neutral sort (apparently, my stride has no outstanding characteristics). I tried them on, run around a bit and picked the winner.

I’ve been in Nike, Saucony, Pearl Izumi, Brooks and maybe a few others. But never adidas. Why all the switching” Well, I’d what seems like the best running shoe for me … and then the companies would change something about them and I’d have to start the search over.

A few months ago, Sports Chalet contacted me about testing the adidas Boost running shoes. That happened just as my Pearl Izumi shoes were falling apart. And I was happy to get a shot to try adidas running shoes.

I’ve now put enough miles on them to have an informed opinion. Here are a few observations in no particular order.

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Black, simple, all business: Are the Boost shoes the running equal of the Copa Mundial”(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are the lightest running shoes I’ve tried. They’re even lighter than the various pairs of water shoes I use to keep my feet cool in the summer weather. I noticed it from the first step. My feet felt like they moved just a tiny bit faster.

Along with the light weight, the adidas Boost is also a very well-ventilated shoe. Despite the black color, my feet always feel cool. And yes, that even means on today’s 5-miler in 90-degree weather.

Speaking of that black color – if Darth Vader took up running half-marathons, he’d approve of the styling. Unlike many of the garish running shoes for sale, the adidas Boost is the Copa Mundial of the running world. All business, but perhaps a bit more sleek.

I’m used to fairly cushioned shoes. The adidas Boost isn’t quite minimalist, but it’s a step between some of the new stripped-down, almost-barefoot shoes and some of the plush offerings.

adidas boost
A close up look … I had to shoo the cat away a few times to snap this photo.

The adidas Boost seems narrow. I have to unlace it pretty well to get my foot in there – and my foot is on the narrow side, too. The short laces add to the narrow feel. I have to be careful not to clamp down too hard on the laces. Another word on the laces – they’re pretty skinny. That made my instep feel a lot of pressure when I laced up tight enough. It’s a sensation that I forget about once I’m about a half-mile into my run. But I wouldn’t mind wider laces to distribute the pressure.

The fit impresses me. I don’t feel my foot roll around, and there’s no fore-and-aft motion causing my heels or toes to rub in an uncomfortable way.

Are the adidas Boost the best running shoes ever” It’s tough for me to say “best” about anything. But I’d buy a pair when I wear these out. I’d lean toward using them for 5- and 10k races … and probably opt for a more cushioned shoe for half-marathon distances.

Thanks to Sport Chalet for supplying a pair of adidas Boost running shoes for review. All opinions are my own.


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