Arizona Pols: Courting the Electorate Via Spam

No, this is NOT the District 9 I live in!

For Arizona political hopefuls like Martin Sepulveda, kissing babies and shaking hands is passe. The power of the Internet and the telephone allow them to spread their names without effort.

And, too often, without consent.

If a guy like ex-Chandler city council member Martin Sepulveda, who hopes to win the Ninth Congressional District seat, knocks at my door -- it’s easy enough to ignore. Not so if he robo-calls to a handy list of phone numbers.

Or if he buys my e-mail address and spams my inbox. On the other hand, it says a lot about a congressional contender’s character when he sends you a grammatically challenged, hyperbolic screed full of some of the most egregious abuse of upper-case letters on record (Note to Mr. Sepulveda – hire a decent copywriter before it’s too late. And please, be smart enough not to throw the word "tyranny" around without regard for its meaning.).

It also sends other messages that voters shouldn’t overlook: "My politicking trumps your privacy. I play dirty. I will do anything to take and hold a seat."

As if Arizona politics isn’t already crawling with that sort of behavior.

This post is my vehicle to shed light on people like Sepulveda, my scarlet "S" (yes, as in SPAMMER) that will show who sends unsolicited campaign messages to an electorate that didn’t consent. This list is non-partisan and open to submissions (so if you get one that I haven’t listed, forward it to me at wanderingjustin at hotmail dot com).

If you are a politician and your name is on this list, fear not. You can win your way off. Just e-mail a signed denouncement of the use of unsolicited e-mails and robocalls for political campaigning, along with your pledge not to use such tactics. I will strike your name through on this list, and post your denouncement (with signature redacted). That’s it.

Here’s where the list starts:

Martin Sepulveda – Running for Arizona CD9 seat

This post just might contain affiliate links. Fear not, they’re non-spammy and benign. Hey, I have to keep this thing running somehow!

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  1. I’m not from Arizona, but I am grateful to read blogs like this. At least I know what’s happening in other places. Thanks for sharing it.

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