Asian Airports – Random Photo Fun

The A380 - one of many widebodies nesting at any given Asian airport.

Asia airports – there’s nothing like them. They link cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong. They crackle with commerce and pulsate with cultural experiences in the making.

This is Incheon International Airport, and you see the Korean Air Airbus A380. Regardless of how you feel about the A380 – and boy, does it polarize!- it is an emblem of Asian airports. These airports are not the domain of the single-aisle, workaday Honda Civics of the Sky that dominate the taxiways at American airports.

Nope. Even the so-called “domestic” airports here have 747s come calling. There are too many people to move, too far. This is a job for the widebody, the heavy. The sheer scope of these aircraft, and so many of them, adds something to an airport visit.

Hating airports is now just short of a varsity sport in America. I get it. Honestly. We have the Transportation Security Agent and its radiation-emitting full body scanners (aka Nude-O-Scopes). We pack onto small planes and disembark to see the same chain stores before we even leave the terminal. Onboard, you generally get starved and dehydrated into a cranky mass of semi-intelligent tissue. The airports themselves bark at us with loud TVs and announcements – and starve us of any intellectual stimulation.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Asian airports are the proof.

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