Three Australian Adventure Destinations I Missed

Australian adventure destinations
Coober Pedy – inside a home hewn from rock. Awesome! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some people think you shouldn’t travel until you can do your destination “justice.” That usually  means spending at least a month there, sinking yourself into the surroundings and leaving as few stones unturned as possible.

I understand the sentiment. But if I waited until I had a month to spare, I’d never go anywhere! I usually make do with 16 days or so. That’s barely enough for a small country, and it’s totally inadequate for Australia. I left so Australian destinations unseen that I have a huge craving to return.

Australian adventure destinations
You’re not in Sydney anymore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, where would I go when I return” Here are just a few of my Australian adventure destinations for my second visit.

Coober Pedy – An Odd Slice of Desert

Why would I want to go to a dry, treeless, hot place in the desert” Well, if you’ve been reading awhile, you know that I love anything that’s underground. And most of Coober Pedy’s people live in caves bored in the sand- and siltstone. Most of the residents are here to mine in an area known as the world’s opal capital. Visitors can try their hand at mining, so there’s another good reason for me to visit.

You probably also know that I ordinarily don’t care about golf. But I’d play nine holes in Coober Pedy because local golfers tee off at night with glowing golf balls to avoid the scorching daytime temperatures. I’m in!

australian adventure destinations
Experience Fraser Island, from red rocks to salt-water crocs.

Fraser Island Tours on My List

I’m really into wildlife, so my next Australian destinations will be a smörgÃ¥sbord of opportunities to take photos of fauna. During my first visit, I missed Fraser Island. There’s where I’d go to look for dingoes, swamp wallabies, sugar gliders and other creatures. Out in the water, I’d watch for humpback whales and all sorts of sharks – including whale sharks. You have some odd geology there, too, which is always a plus.

Australian adventure destinations
“Remarkable Rocks” on Kangaroo Island, one of the best Australian adventure destinations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I usually lean toward DIY adventures where I handle everything myself. But in Australia, a good guide can make the difference. And so can the other people on the tour. Multi-day tours from Sunset Safaris can turn Fraser Island tours into a chance to meet other people and swap travel ideas while you enjoy the sites.

A Hop to Kangaroo Island

We’ve established that I can’t get enough wildlife, right” So that’s why I need to visit Kangaroo Island. But there’s even more going on here than just kangaroos: Add platypus, seals, penguins and bats to the wildlife I’ll find flapping and finning around the island

And I’ll also find shipwrecks, caves, lighthouses and dunes. Another plus: I can fly one leg of the journey from Melbourne, and rely on a 45-minute ferry cruise for the other. Let’s not forget that I’m kind of obsessed with seafood. I wonder if I’m allowed to go running around trying to catch my own rock lobster …

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