Find an Australian Island Getaway

Australian island getaways
Australian island getaways
English: Aerial view of Ball’s Pyramid, Lord Howe Island Group, NSW, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m still diving further into my research for a future return to Australia. I’m learning something unexpected – there are some great Australian island getaway destinations. Some were already familiar to me, like Tasmania. Others, like Lord Howe Island, have caught me by surprise. And they are all worth considering for your itinerary. Let’s check out a few Australian island destinations and see where you might end up!

On South to Tasmania

I was lucky enough to meet an interesting character online who happens to live in Tasmania. He tells me two things about the island: It has great hiking trails, and beer in Australia gets better the further south you go. He knows what appeals to me!

Australian island getaways
Mount Ossa – highest mountain in Tasmania, at 1,614 metres (5,295 ft) Day 4 of Overland Track Australia oz2009 298 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Overland Track is the hiking route I’ve heard about in more than a few blogs. The official route can take about six days and has a number of huts where hikers can sleep. But bring a tent, just in case, too. The scenery has some glacier-formed terrain. Aside from the Overland Track, there’s also mountain biking and — caving! I can’t resist a good cave. Oh, and about those Tasmanian brews – how does a smoked molasses porter at Devils Brewery sound to you”

Australian Island Getaway on Lord Howe Island

Australian island getaways
Photo by David Morgan-Mar. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

There are a few easy ways to get me hooked on Lord Howe Island – tell me that it’s the remains of a volcano, and mention the SCUBA diving. My friends at PADI have been trying to get me strapped onto a tank for a long time, and Lord Howe Island and its neighboring islands could get me hooked – we’re talking about sub-surface caves, trenches and drop-offs, plus coral and 490 species of fish. And the Pinetrees Lodge has Lord Howe Island packages available, including wilderness, adventure, wellness and photography experiences. Speaking of adventure, there’s a crazy island nearby called Ball’s Pyramid, and it’s home a huge stick insect called the tree lobster. Awesome!

Now let’s talk about relaxation – you won’t find TV or Internet service on Lord Howe Island. And bicycles are the most-common way to get around.

Adventures on Moreton Island

Here’s another destination that’s new to me — and probably to many non-Australians. What’s the big deal with Moreton Island” Well, for me, it’s shipwrecks. Hand me a snorkel and mask, or teach me to SCUBA dive, and I’m headed belows the waves to the Tangalooma Wrecks. They’re shallow enough for novices to get in on the action. But there’s more than 100 wrecks around Moreton Bay, including some for more experienced divers. Oh, and the water is super-clear.

Back onshore, there’s also sandboarding – there’s no way I can resist that. And you can go from high-end resorts to just grabbing a camping permit and popping your tent up.

What are your favorite Australian island getaways”

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