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About This Blog

Taking a break from cross-country skiing in Park City, Utah

I’m Justin. Thanks for visiting.
I started this blog because someone told me to – he wanted to steal some of my travel ideas and thought others might want to do the same. Thanks to his idea, I’ve learned a ton and met a lot of very cool people (while drawing the occasional insult and diatribe – that’s the Internet for ya!).

Here are a few facts about the way I travel. If they make you nod and smile, you’re in the right place. If you shudder, squirm and think “what is the matter with this fool””– well, that’s OK, too. Have fun however you roll.

  • I will eat just about anything. That includes rotten shark meat. What have I turned down” Whale.
  • When I travel, I walk/hike/run an average of 8 miles each day.
  • If it starts with the letter Z (like zip line or Zorb), you should do it.
  • My travel tradition – run a 10k in every country I visit.
  • I love to camp or to stay in hotels made out of old airplanes. Or wine barrels.
  • I’m crazy about intercontinental flights, even though I’m 6’2, 195 pounds. So maybe I’m just crazy.
  • People always think I’m Canadian. I’m from Arizona – so what if I like curling and ice hockey”!
  • If I visit your city, please direct me to your best local brewery for stout and/or IPA.

Can’t get enough from my blog” You can find me on Twitter or Strava.

E-mail wanderingjustin at hotmail dot com to get in touch. Before you do, though, please read the FAQ page – especially if you’re contacting me for any type of collaboration.