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A Brooklen Brew Shop pack. (Photo credit: tape)

Brooklyn Brew Shop doesn’t offer your typical home brew kits. It’s recipes are a little off-kilter, both in flavor and size. I’m used to beginner home brew kits that offer stuff like a plain-jane pale ale or a brown ale, usually in a 5-gallon batch.

So the Brooklyn Brew Shop home brew concept intrigued me: cool stuff like chocolate maple porter, jalapeño saison and smoked wheat in a compact, experimental-sized 1-gallon batch” I’m in!

Hitting Homebrew Gold With Brooklyn Brew Shop

In late October, I noticed the Brooklyn Brew Shop mixes and home brew kits at a Whole Foods near me. I seized a one-gallon mix of chocolate maple porter (I skipped the full kit that includes a carboy, tubing and other essentials since I have that stuff already). The next day, I brewed and read more of the Brooklyn Brew Shop opus Beer Making Book!

I can’t leave well enough alone, so I added some toasted coconut flakes to the recipe. As an added twist, this was also my first-all grain recipe. I usually brew partial-mash recipes. This was a nice intro to all-grain. (See my first Brooklyn Brew Shop post for more info.)

Everything went smoothly. I bottled according to the directions, using a tiny Rogue bottle for testing, plus a mixture of bomber bottles and 12-ouncers. I got 8 bottles. I let them sit a week, and the carbonation was spot-on in the little Rogue bottle — and into the fridge it went.

time to ferment y'all!
time to ferment y’all! (Photo credit: tape)

First Tastes

So far, I’ve had two bottles. It seems a very dry porter, and there’s also a slightly sour hint. People who dig Flemish and other sour beers will lap it up. Your taste buds won’t have to work hard to detect the maple.

I expect that a month of two of aging will bring out the best in this beer. I am a huge believer in aging beer that are darker and/or stronger. Patience will reward me.

The Brooklyn Brew Shop recipes are a lot of fun, and I will brew more of them. Sure, I’ll add my own signature modifications. And I suspect the all-grain intro will catapult me into all-grain batches in the 5-gallon size. If you’re looking at home brew kits for yourself, I recommend the Brooklyn Brew Shop goods.


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