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verde valley

48 Hours in the Verde Valley

The Verde Valley isn’t exactly one of the big draws for Arizona. If people get anywhere near it, it’s usually because they’re going to Sedona. I’ve lived here for a good long time and have actually never spent a night anywhere in the Verde Valley other than Sedona. That changed recently because my wife ran…

seattle with a kid

Visiting Seattle with a Kid

Back in September, I took my first trip to Seattle with a kid. Well, not just any random kid – my own, of course. I’d last been to Seattle in around 2005-ish with my now-wife. We walked all over the place, found all the tasty food and searched for good beer. As walkable as Seattle…

Australian island getaways

Find an Australian Island Getaway

I’m still diving further into my research for a future return to Australia. I’m learning something unexpected – there are some great Australian island getaway destinations. Some were already familiar to me, like Tasmania. Others, like Lord Howe Island, have caught me by surprise. And they are all worth considering for your itinerary. Let’s check…

Best Hotel in Hanoi?

I can’t tell you that the Rendezvous Hotel is the best hotel in Hanoi. It’s the only one I stayed at. So I truly don’t have the authority and experience to call anything the best hotel in Hanoi. That said, if I ever return to Hanoi, I will stay at the Rendezvous Hotel again for…