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ktx train

A Trip on the KTX Train in South Korea

The KTX Train at a Glance

  • Originally based on the French TGV.
  • Want to go 190mph? No problem!
  • Super-smooth ride.
  • Cheaper than Amtrak.

(This post originally appeared on a train website that is no longer on the Internet.)

I rarely …

grand canalscape bike ride

The Best Canals in Phoenix for Riding a Bike

I’m trying to figure out the best canals in Phoenix for riding a bike. We have enough of them – something like 180 miles worth.

For a short ride, most of them do the trick nicely. But if you’re trying

fanxipan express

Two Nights on the Fanxipan Express

[I originally wrote this as a guest post for a website that no longer exists. I’m republishing it to preserve one of my more interesting travel experiences.]

Vietnam taught me one important lesson: For every blazing-fast maglev train or smooth-riding …

Mountain Biking in the Estrella Mountains

Recap: Mountain Biking in the Estrella Mountains

Mountain biking in the Estrella Mountains near Phoenix is, for me, a lot like eating at one of the ubiquitous fast-food joints with “berto’s” in their name. A few years will go by and I’ll think “hey, why don’t I …

taylor house ride

The Taylor House Ride in Flagstaff – What You Should Know

I just did the Taylor House ride for the second time. I previously did it more than 10 years ago, and exactly three things stood out about it that first time:

  • A tube-socked dude who nearly wiped a bunch
Cave of the Crystals

The Top 2 Places on my Travel List are Now Gone

This week, I found out that one of the places in the world that I want to visit most is no longer accessible. Back in 2017, operations at the Naica Mine ceased. That allowed water to re-flood the absolutely incredible …

2018 Tour de Mesa Review

A few weekends ago, I rode the 2018 Tour de Mesa. It was my first of the Perimeter Cycling events held in the Valley after doing El Tour de Tucson for the past few years. The Mesa version was a …

gravel bike

Why 2018 is the Year of the Gravel Bike

The year 2018 is going to be the Year of the Gravel Bike. Really, it might be already.

The Ongoing Gravel Bike Mission

This year, many of my rides have had a mission beyond logging miles. I’ve been trying to …

lemond zurich

Recap of El Tour de Tucson 2017

Within a few miles of starting El Tour De Tucson 2017 a few weeks ago, a mantra came to me out of the blue. It was a phrase I’d heard from a co-worker. It was "Calm yo’ tits." (Hearing it …