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How to blog better, thoughts on writing/creativity and more.

I’ve Had Way Too Many Hobbies Over the Years

I love hobbies. After all, traveling and mountain biking are the reason I created this blog. Sure, I sometimes write about other things (especially electric cars with an increased regulatory in recent years). I’ve largely stuck to my main topics. Now, I’d like to drop something in here to frame who’s writing all this stuff….

Thoughts On Sith, Jedi and Redemption

CAUTION: What follows is a major digression from this website’s usual travel/adventure topics. But if you like Star Wars, this post will be a thought-provoking ride. Some of these thoughts contradict each other – but this is all just reflects my stream of consciousness and gives us a chance to talk about something fun. Enjoy!…

Do You “Explore”? Not Likely.

I have this little eccentricity about travel writing: I gag whenever someone casually uses “explore” in any form. For example, “I explored Sweden this summer.” Or Twitter bios that say stuff like “I’m an explorer who is determined to visit every country in the world.” OK, I’ll admit that these are legitimate uses of the…

Why I Turn Down Guest Blogging Offers

Every week, I get several requests for people who want to do guest blogging for my site. I turn down nearly every single one of them. It’s been close to a year since I let someone guest blog here, aside from someone I sought out for a cool Halloween-related post. Let me tell you why….