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When Air Travel Blogs Go Wrong

Attention, air travel bloggers: I don’t care what runway you took off from. The registration number of your aircraft is worthless fluff, less than meaningless. And photos of your food? Please, don’t. Just don’t.

And I love flying! Commercial air …

Travel-Writing Cliche – “Exploring”

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when my blog reads like some half-baked travel brochure. I’m trying really hard to watch what I say here to guard against it.

One of the sacrifices to the cause: the word

Don’t Call Me a “Consumer”

Some jewelry business followed me on Twitter today. Jewelry fascinates me, believe it or not. I consider it some of the finest everyday art. The follow earned my curiosity. I checked the business’s Twitter bio and found a marketing trainwreck …

A Quick Note to Any Mutual Readers

This is a quick update for fellow bloggers – you might notice my Links page doesn’t list you. That’s not because I’m not feeling the love anymore, rest assured! I just have some construction going on. This is mostly the …