Camera Tips for Low-Light Photos

Using a camera in low light is a challenge for travelers. You might wind up in places like dense rain forests or – like in my last post – a lava tube deep underground. After I finished the last post, …

Challenge Yourself on a UK Bicycle Holiday

The English county of Yorkshire is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Locally known as God’s own county, the soaring mountain peaks and sweeping moorlands make Yorkshire one of the greenest places in the UK and the perfect place for a biking …

Sharp-Eyed Cyclist Wins Switch Vision Sunglasses Contest

It’s time to announce the winner of the Switch Vision / WanderingJustin.com Stoke Sunglasses giveaway -- read on!

More than a month ago, I asked WanderingJustin.com readers to tell me about the oddest thing they’ve ever found while hiking or …

A Visit to Tokyo’s Guitar Shops

When I travelled to Tokyo, the guitar shops absolutely shocked me.

"You’re a musician," you might say. "All you guys get nerdy around instruments."

Well, those who know me will tell you that I am jaded. I can walk through …

New Zealand – Up and Coming Craft Beer Destination

During my 2009 visit, New Zealand had everything needed to be a great travel destination for craft beer fans: a do-it-yourself attitude, a friendly vibe and the perfect climate to grow untold tons of tasty hops. But I was too …

Travel in Russia – Thoughts from a Cold War Kid

There’s something about travel in Russia that appeals to me. I’m convinced it’s because I’m a late Cold War Kid.

One of my earliest memories is the Miracle on Ice – the dramatic U.S. hockey victory over the Soviet Union. …

Fiji Travel – Find Your South Pacific Island Adventure

Fiji has always seemed like a relaxing place to me – a South Pacific honeymoon travel destination with sparkling waters, all-inclusive resorts, couples massage.

Sure, Fiji is all that. But there’s an adventurous side to Fiji holidays.

Hiking for Dinosaurs

6 Horrible Things People do to Mountain Bikes

Last season, I got a good laugh out of a fit, fast racer with pink streamers on the handlebars of her tricked-out mountain bike. I loved the "don’t take me too seriously" humor. The streamers were hysterical … but I’ve …

Architecture in Japan: Tokyo Big Sight

As my visit to Japan winds down, I board a Rinkai Line subway headed to the Tokyo waterfront. Things get interesting when the train breaks the surface.

Even though it’s an overcast day headed toward dusk, the Tokyo Big Sight …

Travel in Japan – Tips and Ideas

A five-day visit to Japan just isn’t enough. While I managed to squeeze a lot into my short visit, I didn’t even scratch the surface.

I enjoyed a few days in Tokyo, plus an overnight trip out to Hakone. That …

Life Force of Mountain Biking: The Beginner

Mountain biking got you burned out? Are the local trails getting dull? Look to beginners for your salvation in your favorite sport.

New mountain bikers remind the old hands of the way it’s supposed to be: silly fun, learning new

Save Phoenix Views: Now Serving Spam

People in Phoenix, Arizona, now have another busybody political group inundating their email accounts with unwanted spam messages. I received my first message from SavePhoenixViews.com on Jan. 20.

The group touts its mission to "protect views" and "pristine Phoenix neighborhoods."

On the Mountain Bike Trail – Random Photo

I never expected anyone to snap a photo of me on my mountain bike quite like this. Nobody told me that the white stripe on my (I thought) uber-cool Italian jersey made it look like I’m rolling in a filled-up …