Win Cobrabraid Paracord Gear with Your Survival Story

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Get stuck on the Cobrabraid paracord survival bracelet and the Survival Pod by Survival Cord.

Today’s post introduces you to a product that could save your life – and gives you a chance to win a combo pack of paracord bracelet items from the Cobrabraid website.

I wonder what a guy like Cody Lundin could do with a Cobrabraid paracord bracelet. I’m hardly a survival expert, but I see more than a few possibilities for the trio of products I received from Cobrabraid.

A skilled set of hands could whip these into snares, tourniquets and fishing lines. Maybe even turn the cord into fishing lines, or use it to make a spear from a branch and a good, sharp rock. I’m leaving out dozens of ideas that more innovative people (like the perpetually shoeless star of Dual Survival) could turn into a difference between life and death.

Cobrabraid paracord bracelet
The Cobrabraid paracord bracelet can get you out of a jam.

Well, that means my unskilled hands need to spend time learning how to use the Survival Pod, stock paracord bracelet (which is made in the United States from 550 cord) and Cobrabraid lanyard. Given the compact size, flexibility and low cost, I can’t see a reason not to have a Cobrabraid paracord product or two for my next trip into the backcountry.

The Survival Pod even contains a few handy bits for outdoor survival: Wrapped inside seven feet of 350-pound paracord, you’ll find: fishing gear (2 each of hooks and sinkers, bobbers, swivels and fishing line) and cooking gear (razor, tinfoil, flint and tinder). You can hang it from your pack with the included carabiner.

paracord, Survival Pod by Survival Cord
A close look at the Survival Pod by Survival Cord

Now, here’s the fun part: I’ve teamed up with Cobrabraid to give you a shot at winning its own made-in-the-US paracord bracelet, plus a Survival Pod by Survival Cord. All you have to do is tell me your best story of a close call with nature – one of those times when you started to compose your own eulogy but managed to escape. You can use words, video or even photos. If your story involves a piece of survival gear saving your bacon, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition. If it doesn’t” Try anyway!
Click here to send me an email with your story by Sept. 15. From there, I’ll check all the entries and pick the best of the bunch. Good luck!

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