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You probably won’t see canons in Thunder Bay … but who knows? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the first time I’ve published a post that’s just about other content. I plan to do it more -- maybe once every two weeks. There’s a chance I could wind up doing it more as I find more content.

Alright, I’ve done "innerduced" it enough. Onto my first-ever Cool Content Crypt!

First up is Diving for Shipwrecks at the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary. Rutger, one of the people at, introduced himself to me a few months ago and wrote a terrific post about his introduction to SCUBA diving. These days, Rutger is a PADI-certified dive instructor who loves getting newcomers into SCUBA diving. This post about checking out shipwrecks in the Great Lakes is a great motivation. This adventure is an awesome answer to "so, what did you do on your vacation (or make that "holiday" for my friends in other countries --)?"

First Air 727-100

You won’t get many chances to fly in a 727 much longer. (Photo credit: caribb)

Over at
, I found So You Wanna Teach Your Girlfriend or Wife How to Mountain Bike?. A lot of what blogger Anne says in this post rings bells. Listen to what she really says -- and you just might make mountain biking the experience that will make your female friend agree to a second ride – and beyond.

I haven’t seen Lincoln yet, but Mike Eiler’s post about the research that went into writing its script makes me extra-interested. It’s an unusual post from Mike, who inhabits a humorous place. I associate him with writing observations and noticing those odd things in life that many people overlook -- like discarded floss picks (or "These Damned Things," in the parlance of our Mike).

One Man's Trash

Floss picks – getting Mike’s dander up since the early 21st Century. (Photo credit: Ches Martin)

Finally, my inner flying nerd runs wild thanks to a guest post at Matt from tells us how to book flights on soon-to-be-extinct classic airliners. His post encompasses everything from oil-leaking DC-3 to roaring three-holers like MD-11s and 727s. Some of this hard-core airliner geekery will mean trips to the Middle East and Africa – extra bonus!

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