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You probably won’t see canons in Thunder Bay … but who knows” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the first time I’ve published a post that’s just about other content. I plan to do it more — maybe once every two weeks. There’s a chance I could wind up doing it more as I find more content.

Alright, I’ve done “innerduced” it enough. Onto my first-ever Cool Content Crypt!

First up is Diving for Shipwrecks at the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary. Rutger, one of the people at, introduced himself to me a few months ago and wrote a terrific post about his introduction to SCUBA diving. These days, Rutger is a PADI-certified dive instructor who loves getting newcomers into SCUBA diving. This post about checking out shipwrecks in the Great Lakes is a great motivation. This adventure is an awesome answer to “so, what did you do on your vacation (or make that “holiday” for my friends in other countries –)””

First Air 727-100
You won’t get many chances to fly in a 727 much longer. (Photo credit: caribb)

Over at
, I found So You Wanna Teach Your Girlfriend or Wife How to Mountain Bike”. A lot of what blogger Anne says in this post rings bells. Listen to what she really says — and you just might make mountain biking the experience that will make your female friend agree to a second ride – and beyond.

I haven’t seen Lincoln yet, but Mike Eiler’s post about the research that went into writing its script makes me extra-interested. It’s an unusual post from Mike, who inhabits a humorous place. I associate him with writing observations and noticing those odd things in life that many people overlook — like discarded floss picks (or “These Damned Things,” in the parlance of our Mike).

One Man's Trash
Floss picks – getting Mike’s dander up since the early 21st Century. (Photo credit: Ches Martin)

Finally, my inner flying nerd runs wild thanks to a guest post at Matt from tells us how to book flights on soon-to-be-extinct classic airliners. His post encompasses everything from oil-leaking DC-3 to roaring three-holers like MD-11s and 727s. Some of this hard-core airliner geekery will mean trips to the Middle East and Africa – extra bonus!

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