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English: oaken beer barrel in brewery Hanssen
Make a great beer awesome by aging it in an oak barrel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Should you drink your own pee? Well, not recreationally. In a survival situation. That’s main point of the lead story in today’s Cool Content Crypt.

This comes from the blog of survival wiz Cody Lundin, whose topic cuts right through the stream of other recent blog posts to earn a spot here. Cody, a fellow Arizona dude, differs from celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls – now that guy is ready to swill his urine if the beverage cart on a 60-minute flight rolls a bit late. Found out what Cody has to say. And be ready should you run dry of water on your next adventure. Or even if you think “it’s sterile and I like the taste” justifies anything.

Next up, offers some thoughts on the Most Overused Words of 2012. Lots of links there for those who want further reading. I like writer Mark Nichol’s disdain for the phrase “man cave.” While I love the male-centric second-hand store on Cave Creek Road in Phoenix that bears the same name, I stopped thinking that having women around was bad when I was about 12 years old.

And who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? The State Geologist of Arizona has a blog, and I’ve enjoyed it for years. Its post about kooks who think sonic booms near the Verde Valley in Arizona indicate there’s “a secret war is underway between American Patriots and our UN-run federal gummint” is gold.

Verde River, Arizona.
Verde River, Ariz.: Ground Zero for a subterranean war … if you’re a kook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This next post is about one of my favorite things: barrel-aged beers. Dense deliciousness, that’s all they are. The Brew Bros. share some secrets for homebrewers like me who want to make their own barrel-aged creations. The tips square largely with what I’ve collected myself. And it’s great to have them all in one place.

Let’s wrap it up with a post from my friend Nichole at Her post asks how we define bad writing – and in what ways we’re bad writers. My reaction is less about her questions … and more about fear. Nichole’s post makes me think of playing live music. When you first start gigging, you will suck. You will look back a few years later at your first shows and think “wow, we really sucked.” But if you’re afraid to suck, you’ll never get started. Gigging – like writing – is no endeavor for the cowardly. But you can’t be great before you suck.

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