Craft Beer in Maryland – meet Growler’s

The taps at Growler’s of Gaithersburg have something for craft beer fans of every inclination.

When you’re in sleepy suburbia, a craft beer right from the tap can be hard to find. I thought I was out of luck – the clock had ticked past 11 p.m. And that meant Dogfish Head AleHouse was closed. We were already in the car and headed in its direction.

I worked the smart phone and came up with a likely suspect: Growler’s. I had a good feeling from the name, so we headed into downtown Gaithersburg in pursuit of some craft beer.

We found a two-story brick building in the otherwise shut-for-the-night street. Upstairs is where we the actions is.

And the row of taps convinced us we’d have some quality craft beer.

The Roof Razer IPA was first to catch my attention. Then a porter … and then, Quint Eastwood. I asked the bartender what it was. She answered by pouring me a sample. It tasted somewhat Belgian, but heavier in body and malt than a typical tripel. I could taste lots of ripe fruit, along with a hint of oak and leather. I had to have one.

Sarah went for the porter, which improved as it warmed up. I also had a strong cherry amber ale – sour beer fans will love it. But even non-sour fans (like me) will like the in-your-face flavor.

And there were several other selections that we had to leave untried … at least until next time.

One local said Dogfish Head AleHouse staff visit Growler’s regularly. I can see why. The Dogfish Head motto is “Off-Center Ales for Off-Center People.” Well, Growler’s is a match for Dogfish Head. (The friendly local was also raised in Ireland and loved to put on his best brogue when speaking to the bartender …”Give me friend a point, love!”)

Next time you’re north of Washington D.C., remember that Dogfish Head doesn’t have the only craft beer in town. And find time for a visit to Growler’s.

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