Get a Great Deal on Luci Solar Lanterns

Luci light
My campsite – lit by Luci.

You might remember my Camping Lantern Review of 2015 that I published last week – and the MPOWERD Luci light that took top honors. If you’ve had the urge to get a bunch, MPOWERD has some deals for you. Shipping is also free for orders $75 and up during the promotion, which runs through June 8.

You can get two of the shag-a-delic Luci Aura lights (which will throw some swingin’ colors onto your yard or campsite) and a Luci Lux for $49.98. That’s $20 off!

camping lantern
The MPOWERD Luci solar-powered camping lantern boggles my mind with awesomeness.

The other option is two Luci Outdoor lights plus a free EMRG for $29.98 – $10 off on this deal, which is the one I’m going for. I plan to give some of these to my outdoor friends as gifts, so I might as well save a few bucks while I’m at it.

And remember – you can also give Luci lights to people in communities that don’t have reliable electricity. I like handing my money to a socially responsible company that stands for something beyond the bottom line; giving a Luci or three is a great way to let other companies know they should act like MPOWERD and make the world better in a way that fits them. (HINT: I ordered two of the Luci/EMRG packages and selected the GIVE option for 2 Luci lights to get the free shipping.)


My last post also mentioned jerky. And loyal reader Trevor wants me to cough up my recipe. Here is is:

1. Get 2 pounds of either top round steak or rump roast.

2. Get a big enough dish to accommodate the meat.

3. Add two cups of red wine, plus the Korean BBQ sauce of your choice.

4. Mix well, add the meat.

5. Marinate for at least 24 hours, flipping the meat once halfway through.

6. Slice into strips.

7. Lay it out on your dehydrator, lightly salt the strips (use quality salt) and let the dehydrator go to work.

8. Uncover to find delicious jerky. Eat while standing at your kitchen counter. Growl at anyone who approaches. (This enhances the flavor.)


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