Do you accept guest posts?

I will accept guest posts from some (but not all) independent bloggers. You actually have to be good at writing and offer an interesting, helpful post. And I’m always more open to guest posts from people I’ve interacted with. So if we haven’t connected on Twitter, Facebook, blog comments or some other medium, that would be the smartest way to get my attention.

If you’re a company/brand/business/organization, please move on to the next FAQ.

Do you allow sponsored posts?

Yes, but they have to conform to some guidelines:

  • Content should be helpful and informational rather than sales-oriented (for example, 5 Ways to Find the Best Cabin Rental rather than 5 Reasons Brand X Cabins is the Best). 
  • All sponsored contest requires a disclosure statement to comply with US FTC guidelines. This is non-negotiable.
  • Links must be no-follow to comply with Google’s guidelines. This is non-negotiable, and insisting on do-follow links is silly, outdated SEO, anyway.
  • I won’t publish stories about our link to sites related to gambling/gaming, luxury travel, golf, vaping/tobacco or anything otherwise unrelated to the content published here.

NOTE: I can tell if you’re working for an SEO company. If you are, be honest and avoid saying things like “I’m a longtime reader” or other blatant falsehoods. I only work with people or organizations that demonstrate honesty.

Will you publish my infographic?

Highly unlikely. I’ve published one infographic in the last 10 years, and that’s because it was about diarrhea. I couldn’t resist the potential poop puns.

Will you link to my post?

It depends. Your content has to be first-rate. And here’s an X factor: I’d never even consider contacting someone about linking to my site until I’d shared some of their content or dropped a comment or two on their blog. If I want them to do something for me, I’m going to do something for them first.

Do you sell in-text links in existing articles?

Sure. That’s $25. As always, it has to be a business that makes sense for my content.

Contact: wanderingjustin at hotmail dot com. (I wanted a gmail account, but some jerk beat me to that name!)

Will you send me high-quality content for the chance of winning a chance to the Caribbean?

I’m not in the practice of providing free content for businesses.



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