Insect Shield Gear – Great Holiday Gift Idea

Checking out the Insect Shield clothing – plus a pair of soon-to-be-broken-in boots!

I count myself pretty lucky to be an outdoor-loving character in a place like Arizona. It’s not 100-percent bug-free — but it’s close. Mosquitos and other hungry critters don’t pop up very much in my dry, desert slice of the world.

But right now, I’m in Vietnam. I had visions of slathering myself in insect repellent  to keep insects from feasting on me. So far, though, I’ve had an
unexpected helper in some Insect Shield clothing – a hat, bandana, shirt and socks.

I’ll soon head out for a three-day hike that will put me in the backcountry. That will give me an ample chance to check it all out. But I’ve already put the insect-repellent socks through their paces. And wouldn’t you know — no insects munching on me! And they’re also pretty comfortable.

As you’re waiting for my full test, I can already tell you that Insect Shield items would be a great addition to the holiday shopping list for your favorite outdoor fans. My experience has been great with it so far, and I was also impressed to see that Insect Shield technology is also keeping bugs away from other travelers and even people who study insects.

The Insect Shield technology is designed to last the entire lifetime of the clothing – keeping mosquitos, ants, ticks, midges and other such menaces at bay. If that means being able to skip coating yourself in insect-repellent, that’s a gift itself — and it gets even better since Insect Shield has a pretty wide variety of clothing options. I was surprised to see everything from an Oxford shirt to a Nomex coverall!

So, you still have a few weeks before the Christmas shopping season really gets crazy. Check out the Insect Shield FAQ and find out it can help people on your list banish pests that sting and bite.

Insect Shield provided insect-repellent items for testing and review.

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  1. It won’t stop killer bees!

    I’m jealous of your Vietnam trip! I’ve heard so many great things about visiting there recently…

  2. Ha, ha … nothing can stop killer bees!

    I’m really trying hard to get my head around the Vietnam experience. It’s probably the most thought-provoking of my trips. It wasn’t full of some of the high-flying adventure stuff we’ve experienced in other places. But as far as engaging my interest in a culture, a country and its future … I don’t think it has an equal right now.

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