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The Viper shorts from Bhujang Collection are a great example of men’s yoga gear. (photo from the site)

Finding men’s yoga gear isn’t an easy task. Ever since I first learned how to down dog back in 1999, I’ve been pretty much wearing regular athletic shorts. For years, my go-to shorts for yoga were the cotton/bamboo blend shorts from tasc performance. I also have a pair of Prana shorts that I use often. I still like them both, but they still had a few things that kept them from being perfect yoga shorts.

Contrast this dilemma with the ladies – they have a pretty dizzying array of yoga gear. It’s almost too much, and that’s just at Lululemon (a place which puts me off for a number of reasons that could deserve a blog post of their own). All I wanted was some good men’s yoga gear, starting with shorts.

These days, I take only hot yoga classes. Some poses involve bracing a leg against another part of my body. So when I’m slippery with a coat of sweat, things don’t stay where they belong. My number-one problem area is that bit of leg right about the knee – where none of my shorts cover.

I got frustrated, and searched online for men’s yoga gear. One of my top results was a website called They have a bunch of different brands, but it was the Bhujang Collection shorts that grabbed my attention: They have full-length pants, and some shorts — some of which cover that problem area above the knee.

The lowest price is $54, and they go up to $120. I know, know – that sounds like a lot. But get this: the Bhujang Collection men’s yoga gear is all made in the United States. By that, they mean the fibers are spun here. And it’s all knitted here.

Speaking of fabric and fibers, one of the key ingredients to the Bhujang Collection men’s yoga gear is MicroModal, which they call an eco-friendly fabric. Beechwood fiber is its key ingredient. (UPDATE May 17: I accidentally forgot to wash them after one class. I picked them up for my next class, gave a sniff … and no gross odor. I even accidentally wore them inside out, and they still felt great. Is there nothing these shorts can’t do”)

Men’s Yoga Gear in the Studio

OK, I’m a cheapskate. So I bought the cheapest Bhujang Collection shorts – the $54 Limited Edition Viper shorts. I got the long version in a large size (for the record and to see what might fit you, I’m 6’2, 205 pounds with a 34-inch inseam).

I typically wear underwear – usually my tasc performance ventilated compression shorts – with shorts that don’t have built-in underwear. But that didn’t quite feel right with the Bhujang Collection Viper shorts. So I skipped the undies, and everything felt just right.

The Bhujang Collection shorts are designed to fit a bit tight, but without infringing on your plumbing. In the yoga studio, they stayed put on me during inversions. When I had to put a foot or elbow or whatever on that now-covered spot above my knee, all the parts stayed in place – no slipping! This makes it a lot easier for me to deal with that damned “flying pigeon” pose that I hate so much. Maybe I won’t even hate it as much in the future.

According to the site, the Viper shorts are a bit more athletic in fit and a bit less plush in the fabric than the other Bhujang collection shorts. To me, that means that they’re not only the cheapest option, but also the best for my hot yoga needs.

The bottom line: If you need some men’s yoga gear, give the Bhujang Collection a try. Start with the Viper shorts if you lean toward hot yoga, or one of the Cobra shorts/pants if you prefer non-heated yoga. Skip the undies, go to your studio and revel in the comfort. I haven’t worn my tasc or Prana shorts to a yoga class since my first session with the Viper; I still use them for weightlifting, but the Viper is just a far superior, purpose-built example of men’s yoga gear.


Super-smooth process at with quick delivery. You can’t ask for much more. And if you do, you’re just getting greedy.

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