The Olympic Games – Why I Won’t Watch

From the good ol’ days of the Olympics, before $42 million opening ceremonies and the “Brand Exclusion Zone”.

The pricetag for the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in London was $42 million, according to Sports Illustrated. The same article says the opening ceremonies in Beijing cost $100 million.

This is a sign of sport gone wrong. Add that to the odious Brand Exclusion Zone, which is the first reason I will not watch a moment of the Olympic coverage. Now, a lot of people will just say that it’s just a sign of the times. That it’s too late to change. I disagree. We can turn the clock back with just one act:

Don’t watch the Olympic Games.

I hate to say that. The gymnastics and track and field events are awesome to watch. I love soccer. During the winter, I have always looked forward to the boblsed, the skeleton, even the curling.
This is a challenge of my discipline. And it catches athletes in the crossfire. But there’s no other choice. If people don’t watch, the Olympic Games become worth less money. And maybe sponsors will realize the games are not about them: The games are about the athletes … their stories … their accomplishments.

If you want to return the Olympic Games to some semblance of their former selves, don’t tune in. Send a message. Stay strong. The results won’t happen overnight – but change is inevitable if you starve the beast of its money.

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By Wandering Justin

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  1. Ugh. I’m sooo with you on your view of advertisements and corporate greed overrunning the Olympics… and yet, I will watch. I can’t pull myself away… it feels too important because it’s a moment when as many countries as possible get together. Little countries like Congo or individuals from North Korea get to be seen for their achievements rather than their country’s politics.

    But, what about letter writing & protests during the Olympic off-season? There are so many things I wish the games would change, including many of their policies…

    Thanks for the thought provoking post!

  2. Hi, Barbara. I totally understand. The sporting part of the Olympics is wonderful.

    Unfortunately, the powers that be only understand its bottom lines. Plummeting ratings and the consequent loss of commercial value is seems like the sole route to their heads. I do hate that athletes – especially for the lesser-watched sports – stand to lose out if people stop watching.

    Glad you enjoyed!

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