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The PERCH Pub & Brewery – First Visit

The PERCH Pub & Brewery

Hanging out at The PERCH Pub & Brewery.

I just got my first look at The PERCH Pub & Brewery in Chandler. Sarah and I went there for dinner and some nice craft beer. The bottom line: A very welcome addition to downtown Chandler, which is an area on its way up thanks to places like this. Sorry I don’t have very good photos – if I knew how cool that place would look, I’d have brought a real camera.

Here are a few specifics to give you an idea of what to expect if you visit The PERCH Pub & Brewery.

  • First off, The PERCH Pub & Brewery doesn’t brew its own; though it’s website mentions “in house brews,” I didn’t see them on the list. I hope that comes in the future. For now, the beer list is split between craft beer from local breweries and beyond. There’s Guinness for the un-adventurous. It’s a good beer list. And here’s something: When you order a stout, it doesn’t show up at
    The PERCH Pub & Brewery

    Birdies at The PERCH Pub & Brewery.

    the table cold. It’s just slightly cooler than room temperature, perfect for getting the most out of the flavors.

  • The atmosphere might be the most interesting and distinct of any brewpub in Phoenix: A few huge bird cages filled with parrots, macaws, love birds, parakeets and other feathered critters make for a very cool vibe. Seating is mostly outdoors, with a second-story balcony area overlooking a downtown Chandler that keeps looking better all the time.
  • The idea of serving smoked burgers is a good one. But I’d recommend letting the burgers spend a little less time in the smoker. They’re a bit overcooked and drier than they could be.
  • Our server was excellent – prompt and personable. He knows his craft beer, and he seemed to take a lot of pride in The PERCH Pub & Brewery. Always a good thing when the employees buy into the concept and like being there.
  • Beware of the bathroom situation. There’s generally a long line. I opted for some portable toilets outside; I think there’s more construction going on, and I’d expect The PERCH Pub & Brewery to have additional restrooms in the
    The PERCH Pub & Brewery

    Catching a nap at The PERCH Pub & Brewery

    plans. You can only rent craft beer, you know!

  • The PERCH Pub & Brewery could use some dessert. I can’t knock them for not having every single thing I want from the get-go. Better to start off with a smaller menu and work your way up from there. I do hope dessert is in the future … it just goes well with craft beer.

The PERCH Pub & Brewery is a great new reason for craft beer fans to visit Chandler. I prefer it to San Tan Brewery (which is walking distance away), though I think San Tan still has the edge in food right now. That could easily change. I just happen to like what The PERCH Pub & Brewery offers in atmosphere, and I like its craft beer list better.


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