Sharp-Eyed Cyclist Wins Switch Vision Sunglasses Contest

It’s time to announce the winner of the Switch Vision / Stoke Sunglasses giveaway — read on!

Testing my H-Wall sunglasses at Papago Park.

More than a month ago, I asked readers to tell me about the oddest thing they’ve ever found while hiking or biking. Tell me the best story, I said, and my buddies at Switch Vision will send you a pair of the awesome Switch Stoke sunglasses – just like the ones I wear.

Veteran BMX hero-turned-mountain biker Abel from Queen Creek., Ariz., could’ve won the sunglasses with both of his best trailside finds. The first item” During a ride at San Tan Mountain Regional Park, Abel found a brand-new – with tag! – Dallas Cowboys jersey. But that wasn’t his winning entry.

And I have to say, his winner does shock me. It handily beat such entries as a Bowie knife, a crescent wrench, a pair of Pearl Izumi gloves and a deer carcass.

Abel earned his pair of Switch Vision sunglasses by finding what he describes as a “a pair of what looked to be fetish homemade metal mesh underwear hanging on a bush” in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve near Squaw Peak.

“I passed the underwear and saw them hanging there and was like, ‘What the heck was that”!’ As a curious George I had to stop and investigate,” Abel tells me. “Didn’t touch them though cause you never know where they have been. Got a good chuckle out of it and continued my ride.”

A slick par of Switch Vision Stoke sunglasses in olive. But Abel showed some boldness and chose Demi Purple. (Photo courtesy of Switch Vision)

Shenanigans involving homemade chainmail chones seem much more likely to happen in Papago Park: Crazy things happen at Papago Park, the famous urban outdoor refuge plunked right in the middle of Phoenix. Just a few years ago, I railed around a corner on my Santa Cruz Superlight and nearly plowed into a bikini-clad model posing on a rock. The scene bewildered me – the photo assistants bouncing sunlight off her, the photographer issuing orders, the disdainful air of the model toward all around her.

But the Phoenix Mountain Preserve” Wow!

Let’s all salute Abel for his find, applaud him for his discretion in leaving the chainmail undies alone, and berate him for not taking a photo (I could’ve used the pattern to make my own).

Speaking of my friends at Switch Vision, they also sent me a pair of their H-WALL sunglasses. This a more sports-oriented, lightweight model than the Stoke glasses that I like so much. So far, I’ve had them out for quite a few mountain bike rides.

The report” The disappear on my face. I forget that they’re even there – except for all the sunlight they block and that nice polarized tint they add to my world. For some reason, their lenses seem to be more sweat-resistant than the lenses on my Stoke sunglasses. They definitely make me look faster — which only leads to disappoint when people see that I’m not really that fast! But overall, I really like them. If you want a lighter-weight, Euro-fast-looking pair of sunglasses with that awesome Magnetic Lens Interchange System, they are likely perfect for you.

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