Slow Travel Movement – The Truth Path or BS”

Slow Travel Movement
The symbol of the Slow Travel Movement”
I have a message for the Slow Travel Movement and the douchier-than-thou characters who comprise its most-extreme adherents: Worry about how you travel and bring your egos back down from Mt. Olympus.

Some of us can’t travel slow (By “some of us”, I nostly mean Americans. Yes, those of us from the alleged capital of the First World. Those of us who have no legally mandated time off. Even Iran has four legally mandated weeks of time off.).

Some of us enjoy fast-paced travel. Flying is part of the fun, for example. I like planning some major must-see points, and letting fate fill in the rest.

I love the logistics. I love the randomness. I love the rock-starrish, live-out-of-a-backpack pace.

So the Slow Travel Movement isn’t for me. I wouldn’t mind slowing down — gazing into my navel, contemplating locals at work while I watch.

I just hope that, when I get the chance to travel slow, I don’t write stuff like this bit from a Huffington Post (a site that publishes 50 banal, Captain Obvious travel articles for every one decent nugget) article;

Slow Travel Movement
Some of us like to keep a faster pace when we travel.
The more granular you go, the bigger the universe. The meander is the beeline of poets, and we are all poets in some stage of reduction, unwinding the path, like a mountain trail to a spring. And the more we see the more we realize we have yet to see, the paradox of plenty.

Ha ha ha ha ha! That’s rich. Such overwrought, self-important blather. “We are all poets”!

No. I’m not. I’m a guy who needs to unwind and recharge through seeing something new. I could do that as part of the Slow Travel Movement — or as part of my Warp Speed Travel Movement.

Travel however the hell you please. Fast Travel Movement, Slow Travel Movement – just as long as you’re not part of the No Travel Movement.

However you travel, remember that travel is like music: There’s a genre for us all, and there are so many way to travel because you’re all different. You’re all individuals.

And there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your travel style without being a preachy jackass to those who find what they seek in a different way.

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