Social Networking Takes to the Air

Southwest Airlines, 737-700
Whether you booked your Southwest Airlines trip on or used a local travel agent, you can share your thoughts on

Social networking just got more specific. This time, its frequent fliers getting their own way to swap information.

Unlike old-school frequent-flier message boards, is interactive. All members get a profile that shows users a bit about them – where’s they’ve flown, how they’ve liked it, their peeves about the airports they visit. You can search by route, by airline … and also by specific amenities like power plugs, wi-fi, roomy seats and even on-time performance.

And you can be part of the information overload: Whether you booked a Southwest Airlines tickets on or arranged your flight with a travel agent, you can share your observations with other travelers seeking the best seats and insider information about each airport.”

USA Today posted a review with a decent mix of praise and legit criticism for Put succinctly, you’ll be well-prepared for your next flight if you visit The most important knock is the lack of side-by-side comparison. I’ll cut the site’s crew some slack. Every website has to start somewhere, and shows a genuine interest in applying member feedback. I’d also add a more general browsing feature for members. Right now, it’s mostly confined to the handful featured on the home page. At it’s very heart, is a social network. So it needs to get more social!

Oh, and let’s not forget: The site offers an iPhone app. But not everyone uses an iPhone. My far-less-fragile Samsung runs on the Android operating system – so where’s my app”

The bottom line is that I think it’s a site with lots of fun potential. I love swapping stories with others who love flying and travel. could become a great forum to connect like-minded people. Part of that might be a bit more interaction via the blog. Call out some of the more interesting facts gleaned from traveler profiles – write posts about them and push them out through social media. This could add real voices and faces to the site. I’d like to see the site be willing to stir the pot a but … having a laugh at the most-scathing criticism in addition to applauding the praiseworthy. I look forward to seeing how RouteHappy evolves.

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