odd buildings phoenix

Capstone Cathedral – Visiting a Phoenix Icon

When my family moved to Arizona in 1980, the Capstone Cathedral immediately caught my eye.

Well, more accurately, the awesome glowing green pyramid captivated me. I didn’t know what it was called or what went on inside of it — …

6 Surprising Things About Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea was my introduction to being in a large Asian city. It was a disorienting but welcoming swirl of humanity and activity. Modern exists side-by-side with the ancient. You’ll also be surprised by the mountains and the amount …

Review – South Korea’s Incheon International Airport

I’m watching people in traditional Korean dress teach art classes. To my left, there’s a string quartet playing to a growing audience. But when I look to my right, I get roped back to reality – masses of travelers rushing
odd buildings phoenix

3 Odd Buildings Still Stand Tall in Phoenix

The Phoenix area is pretty new. We consider anything approaching a century old to be an ancient relic. That means we’re short on truly historical buildings – but it also means we have some really weird buildings from adventurous days …