Tendy Ties Review: A Great Alternative To Pro Laces And Other Toe Ties

Tendy Ties
Tendy Ties spare parts.

After jumping back into being a hockey goalie, toe ties were something new for me to get my head around. When I quit roller hockey about 20 years ago, the pads we wore typically had the old-style leather belt that went under the boot of the skates.

These days, everything is different. There are all sorts of elastic toe ties like Pro Laces, while some people prefer skate laces. Pretty quickly, I learned that I loved elastic toe ties for their ability to help goalie pads get pulled back into place after dropping down for a butterfly save (more accurately, modern pads allow your leg to rotate in and out of place).

I started off with a set from Kenesky that required some work to install. But once I had them on, they were relatively solid.

But I happened to notice that Tendy Mods — which makes Tendy Buckles — was hoping to get some feedback about a new product called Tendy Ties. I can’t resist checking out new stuff from less-known innovators, especially if it’s from the same guy who makes Tendy Buckles.

tendy ties
My initial attempt at mounting the Teney Ties. I’ve since switched it up as you’ll see later.

Tendy Ties — What Do They Do Better?

With Pro Laces being the gorilla of the aftermarket toe tie market, what problem is the Tendy Ties product solving?

Well, bear in mind that I’m new to all this. But the Tendy Ties installed far more quickly than my Kenesky toe ties. I also sliced one of them within a few skates. I replaced the stock Kenesky elastic cord with one far thicker, which involved modifying both my pads and the Jenpro part of the toe tie.

The Tendy Ties went on super-easy. I’ve had them out for a few skates, and they just disappear. To problems, no fuss.

Also, Tendy Ties make it a bit easier for me to keep my skates attached to my pads in the bag. I can tilt the pads forward to lace up my skates more easily than I could with other types of toe ties.

Do They Go On Like Other Goalie Toe Ties?

I’ve never seen another toe tie like Tendy Ties. They attach to the pads using a plastic ball. The bungee cord threads through the skates much like any other goalie toe ties. The difference is that you pull a loop over the ball at the front of your skates.

It’s a solid fit. My pads performed perfectly, allowing my leg to rotate for saves. I also rotated right back in after recovering.

Are Tendy Ties Any Good?

Tendy ties were great in my first skate, a two-hour weekly clinic that includes drills and scrimmaging. I put in more work in that two hours than I do in 3-games. I do a lot of power pushes and put in a lot of recoveries and post integration work. The Tendy Ties made it through that high-stress session with no hiccups.

Tendy Ties
Here’s how I have the Tendy Ties installed now. I think this is closer to what Tendy Mods had in mind.

I used them in my very next game. My team chose that game to remember how to score (4-1, I’ll take it!). Tendy Ties aren’t likely why my crew started putting pucks in the net again, but hey. Happy coincidence. I had a solid game, stopping something like 22 of 23. Again, no problems from the Tendy Ties.

Random Questions About Tendy Ties

Here’s a few other things you might want to know.

What’s included with Tendy Ties?

In addition to the two assembled Tendy Ties, the package also includes two extra lengths of elastic cord along with some metal bits that you’ll need to fix a broken cord. There’s also instructions for installing them.

Tendy Ties
Tendy Ties spare parts.

I would recommend that they start adding a spare plastic ball. I could see that taking a hit now and then from a puck, so it might be good to have a quick fix handy.

Who makes Tendy Ties?

Tendy Ties are made by that same guy who makes Tendy Buckles, a product that brings the convenience of the buckling system of a ski boot or the Bauer Kinect skates to your existing goalie skates. Clearly, this guy is a problem solver and a thinker!

How much are Tendy Ties?

Tendy Ties are $35 a set and come in several different colors.

Final Thoughts: Are They A Pro Laces Killer?

I don’t think Tendy Ties are a Pro Laces killer because everyone has brands they love. Personally, I love upstarts who find different ways to solve problems. It feels good to support them. There’s room for everyone here, from Tendy Mods to Pro Laces to ToeHook and many other products out there.

The Tendy Ties definitely seem to install more easily and they’ve been terrific so far. I’m planning to stick with them and I highly recommend checking out a set when you can.

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