The Warrior Dash – 9 Good Things to Know

warrior dash arizona
Yes, the Warrior Dash was fun. But a gimmicky obstacle course race every other weekend makes me grumpy.
warrior dash arizona
Spartans! Eat hearty, for tonight we dine on … MUD! (Yes, I know I’m mixing my warrior classes, what with the 300 reference and the faux-viking headgear.)


So who out there did the Warrior Dash” What did you think” Was it really “a hellish 3.4 miles” of running, obstacles and mud”

I took a shot, as you might guess. It’s too fun to be hellish – but it is challenging — and quite a spectacle. I ran in the Arizona edition on May 1. It ran for two days in Florence, just southeast of Phoenix. (Find a Warrior Dash near you) Here are a few thoughts from being part of the 1:30 p.m. wave. Check these out, and let me know about your Warrior Dash experience!

  • Don’t wear anything you plan to wear again. And if you sink a lot of time into some sort of costume, be willing to destroy it. And have it hinder your performance. Except for the dudes I saw running in dresses – they were fast, and looked well-practiced at running in dresses.
warrior dash arizona
Somebody needs a shower.
  • Run the second day. The first day will help organizers work some kinks out. On Saturday, the Arizona race only had one water station. The organizers wisely added a second for Sunday.
  • Bring towels and spare clothes. Don’t overlook this. A portable camp shower isn’t a bad idea, either.
  • There’s a very convenient bag check. Drop your spare clothes/towel/keys/whatnot off there. Run. Come back and get it. Save yourself a long slog to the car.
  • If you have time, enjoy the atmosphere. The electronic timing tag on your shoe gets you a free beer (though it’s beer fit for frat boys rather than warriors, so I skipped it).
warrior dash arizona
Hose before Bros: Participants get their sins -and slime- washed away with a Warrior Dash baptism.
  • I understand that not everybody is super-fit. I know that not everyone is charging hard for a good time. But please, people, this is not a Toys for Tots walk-a-thon. At least look like you’re trying. Jog bits of it. And do not, for the love of Odin, walk three abreast. Stay to the right and leave room for the faster people. Earn your plush Viking headgear! If you are not willing to get out of breath, sign up for something else.
  • There are lots of scantily clad fit people. Just sayin’.
  • We had to pay $10 to park. That was kind of grating.
  • Speaking of parking: it smelled like the Rastafarian Army was camping near our parking spot. Both arriving and leaving, the smell of skunkiness filled the air.

So if you did it, would you do it again”

warrior dash arizona
Yes, I’m muddy. What of it”

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By Wandering Justin

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  1. Hey Justin – Yes…did the Warrior Dash on April 30th. Looked forward to something outside the usual athletic box. I agree with you though…weekend warriors…please hang off to the left for others who may want to skirt around you in the passing lane. They needed one other water spot earlier one for hydration and the 10 dollar parking fee…crazy!!! Come on…this should have been part of our entry. I just have to say…this event is fun, but makes money hand over fist.

    I would do it again but in some other locale….although I love AZ…this one was a little boring…

  2. Hey, Michelle! Thanks for stopping by. Since you put on an event of your own, I’m sure you can speak with authority on this. You definitely know what’s up! And I’m looking forward to the Flag to Grand Canyon. Sounds awesome to me!

  3. hey! Thank you for the update! I’m prepping for the WD here in MD for Sunday. I was wondering (and I realize this is not in the spirit of WD) but did poeple skip the mud crawl? I’m just not trying to get mud all up in certain places! lol

  4. You’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by. Nobody skips the mud crawl … and there are plenty of onlookers who will jeer, heckle, harangue, harass, mock anyone who attempts to skip it. Even if you can somehow get around the mud, you will not escape their japes and taunts!

    Everybody has certain places where mud is not welcome. Just jump in and give it hell!

  5. I am really athletic, and play sports 4 days a week BUT I ran out of time and never trained for Warrior Dash! It’s in 1 week! I’m gonna do my best, but I’m worried!!!!



  6. im 13 and will be 14 on the day of the race and im travailing from iowa to california but im just doing it for the hat. jkjk 😀 but i am very excited

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