Transportation Gone Bad: What’s Your Worst Story?

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This crew of Belizean boys is a bit more competent than the guys in charge of my boat from Caye Ambergris to Belize City.

My transportation karma finally ran out. And that’s why I’m adrift a few miles east of Belize City.

We got to Caye Ambergris in a Cessna – probably a 170. Three passengers and a pilot. Just to mix it up, we decided to return via boat.

It turns out the boat’s crew isn’t so clear on that whole "refueling" thing. The engine sputtered out a few moments ago. Cue much confusion in the crew, and a smattering of worry in the passengers.

The delay only costs us an hour or so. We wait for another boat to come get us; we hop into the new boat, and off we go.

Ambergris Caye - Near Basil Jones Cut
Ambergris Caye – Near Basil Jones Cut (Photo credit: cloud2013)

And that’s honestly my worst transportation story. Pretty harmless stuff. It definitely beats other situations I’ve been in for weirdness and novelty: my two-hour delay aboard an Asiana flight to change a pair of flat tires; a five-hour Amtrak journey that stretched into eight; even watching an Icelandic bus driver fix a muddy road with his trusty shovel.

I’m lucky.

I want you to one-up me: Tell me your funniest or worst "getting from Point A to Point B" story. Sorry, I have no prize to offer. But I will give my favorite story all the props it deserves!

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