Tucson Mountain Bikers Up for $50K Grant

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The Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists are a force in improving Tucson's mountain bike culture.

Some of my mountain bike buddies in Tucson need your help: Your votes can help the Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists win a $50,000 grant through Reinventing the Outdoors presented by Ford Motor Company and Good.is.

All you need to do is vote once a day through May 20.

Their mission is to make Tucson a world-class mountain bike destination. They’ve got the drive and the know-how to do it – and they can make that $50,000 go a long way.

They’re envisioning more trails for all levels of riders, a bike park and improved facilities at trailheads (who doesn’t love bathrooms and maps”), just to name a few things.

You can find more of the nitty-gritty info by reading my story on Examiner.com. You’ll find out about their support from Specialized racer Todd Wells, along with their ideas for making mountain biking part of the social and economic fabric of Tucson.

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