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The Warrior Dash – Everything You NEED to Know

The Warrior Dash brings a lot of people here to WanderingJustin.com. Or more accurately, questions about it. I’ve looked through your search terms and written something from the most-popular questions about the Warrior Dash. This expands on my earlier post and tells you what you need to know based on my own experience:

What Should I Wear to the Warrior Dash?

If you splashed out big bucks for some Lululemon gear, you’ll hate yourself for wearing it during a Warrior Dash. The mud and other obstacles will do some damage. Wear something old and ratty, but still functional. If you have a pair of running shoes that are on their last leg, send ‘em to Valhalla with one last mission in the Warrior Dash.

warrior dash

You’ll be nice and clean before you start the Warrior Dash …

Now, you can also choose the costume route – which some people love for adventure racing. The mud and various other obstacles will place it in serious danger. I’ve seen everything from dresses to unitards to Greco-Roman getups. I’d love to find some photos of people who have done something really original, so speak up if you know of anyone.

What’s a Good Time?

It depends. The fastest dudes finish in about 26 minutes, give or take. If you finish in 35 or less, I think you’re doing pretty well by any measure. Don’t get caught up too much in comparing yourself to others. Know where you stand, and just try to leave it all out on the course. It all depends on your lifestyle and any changes you may have made to it.

warrior dash

… and absolutely sloppy with the mud after. Dress accordingly

Can I Skip Obstacles?

I didn’t see anyone monitoring obstacles, so probably. But obstacles are the point of the Warrior Dash and just about any adventure race! Any able-bodied people who contemplate this option are lame-ass, 17 corndog-eating wheelbarrows of sadness. They’ll get horns and t-shirts, and will deserve neither.

Am I fit enough for the Warrior Dash?

If you can finish 5K race in about 35 minutes, I think you’re fit enough to run – not walk! – a Warrior Dash. Now, I get irate when people walk a Warrior Dash three abreast. If you can’t run the whole thing, at least be considerate and get to the right so faster people can pass you. I think organizers should get hardcore: Have a cutoff time to each obstacle. If you don’t make it, you get disqualified.

What to Bring

A towel. A travel bag (those soccer bags with the drawstrings are about perfect). A complete change of clothes. Some spending cash. A snack and a decent drink. You’re done. The Arizona edition had a bag check, which means others probably do, too. That’s where you should drop your bagful of gear while you race.


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